The Net Gen Education Challenge

Don Tapscott, Website, Feb 03, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Don Tapscott makes one of his infrequent forays into the online world to post a video asking teachers and educators, "How can we change the learning experience?" Don - haven't you noticed the whole web 2.0 blogging is schools learning communities 21st century learning connectivism edupunk moevement? Obviously not. Oh, you can win a prize if you play on his site. What bugs me is the 'as seen on CBC' bug on his website. Why does the CBC give this guy credibility over the many people in our country who are actually leading the way in new models of education? There are hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people, more qualified than Tapscott to talk about education in Canada. They could create an entire series on Canadian educators. Indeed, they should.
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