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Stephen Downes, ULiveandLearn, Dec 06, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I had a fascinating back-and-forth webcast yesterday with Jon Paul Potts from MIT's Open Courseware Project (OCW). You'll need a Real Media player to listen to this session and if you haven't been to ULiveandLearn you'll need to install some Java applets to follow the chatroom discussion and slide show. I must say, this is a great job of archiving all aspects of this webcast, and not just voice files. The entire webcast was about an hour: you'll get about a 20 minute presentation from Potts introducing the OCW project and a good question and answer session thereafter (even if I do say so myself). To access the webcast, follow the link, type your name into the field (the top one, not the bottom one), and follow along.
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