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Tom Hoffman, Tuttle SVC, Nov 27, 2008

Just rolling my eyes over this one (I personally couldn't get past the disagreement of tense in the first sentence). Of course, then there's this: "You cannot assign a 21st century 12 year old in California the task of analyzing "Anne Frank," at most they can analyze the text and her characterization of herself. And waitaminute, does the first sentence really say this is a 'novel?'" Um, hmm. Hoffman notes, "The point is that this assignment is just one fake prop among many held up by self-styled education reformers who know or care nothing about the messy details of teaching and learning." And then there's Deborah Meier, from today: "These guys... are con men. ... 'business generally avoids performance pay, schools are the safest places children frequent, private school enrollment is declining, business recommends against numerical goals, and public schools generally perform better than charter schools.'"

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