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A long long time ago I was a child, and learned a folk song. Time went by, and by and large, I became the only person I knew who had ever heard of it. I clung to it, tenaciously, singing it to myself every once in a while.
And drill, ye tarriers, drill
Drill, ye tarriers, drill
For it's work all day for the sugar in you tay
Down beyond the railway
And drill, ye tarriers, drill
And blast, and fire.

So I guess it does exist, and I thank Lanny Arvan for bringing it back to me, appropriately in a longish post about the economy and students and the way we learn today.

You know, the topic of the posts below address the institutional modes of open learning as compared to the newer edupunk tradition. Except - the edupunks of today have a long and noble tradition. We are the tarriers - and while our songs exist outside the mainstream, they still exist, and still matter...

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