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Kusasa Cancelled

Tom Hoffman, Tuttle SVC, Oct 29, 2008

Interesting. An e-learning project called Kusasa is being shut down, apparently because (as Tom Hoffman says) it couldn't route around the need for teacher training. "It was apparent that the project success would depend on teachers developing skills we did not initially anticipate," explains King. "Teachers would need to develop confidence in the Etoys modelling environment used by Kusasa in order to effectively manage classroom interaction." Hoffman comments, "The problem is that if step one (or two) of your plan is 'successfully train a generation of teachers in a largish, mostly poor country to implement something sophisticated and unfamiliar,' well, that's probably at least as hard as the problem your original plan is supposed to solve." Lesson? If a project depends on teacher training, it will likely fail. Hard to think of a greater indictment of a profession.

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