Exploring New Ways of Being Open

Martin Weller, Terra Incognita, Oct 15, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The crux of the post is found in the comment. Citing the post - "When a learner creates a goal, similar goals, relevant resources, and potential third party offerings (eg mentorship, tuition, formal courses) can all be assembled." - the commenter asks, "A crucial question is who controls the system doing the assembling. If a university is at the center of the system, that looks like business as usual." Fair enough. The commenter continues, "rom 2009, expect to read a lot, across the world, about Responsive Open Learning Environments. By using a ROLE, people can learn about whatever is of interest to them. And source each element of their learning, to hit their personal criteria..." Their personal criteria. So, then, they'd be... personal learning environments?
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