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It has at times felt like a lonely campaign for me, but in various projects (and lately, on the elearning leader's list) I have been arguing for a decentralized learning object repository network. Not everybody agrees. So items like this make me feel warm inside. "Decentralization will be the critical challenge for the technology, media and telecommunications industries. Each has developed with the assumption that powerful central forces will manage development. Enterprise IT has 'big iron' servers and monolithic software applications; communications has carriers investing in huge infrastructure build-outs; and media has content owners controlling distributions channels. These approaches are under siege--and not because there's a New Economy, or because information deserves to be free, or because of any fluctuation in the stock market. Centralized systems are failing for two simple reasons: They can't scale, and they don't reflect the real world of people." Yes. I feel so warm and fuzzy now.

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