E-Learning is not Important

Jay Cross, Internet Time, Oct 30, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"What the vendors had done is take the absolute worst aspects of school and automated them." This and a dozen other zingers highlight Jay Cross's scathing indictment of the e-learning industry. Not only is the 'e' not important, says cross, even the 'learning' is not important. What is valuable is the 'doing'. The purpose of the learning, properly so-called, is to make the doing better. So what's important? Cross looks at Unisys University and Dell's Educate U to show the importance of the learning in the value chain. Improved customer support, better sales force performance - these are the objectives of (corporate) e-learning. But e-learning is useful only if it is used. What happens when a third of employees fail to register for compulsory learning?
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