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I had fun reading a month worth of Tom Hoffman's posts as he cranks about everyone from Ken DeRosa ("For some reason Ken DeRosa thinks that quoting an out of print, 13 year old history text written by an infamous Bush crony demonstrates something") to Konrad Glogowski ("it drives me nuts because I don't want the high level Dewey quote and then the 'look at the cool idea I pulled out of the blue'"). We also learn that Steve Hargadon is paid by Pearson (which seems to have an in on conference videos) and that Dave Warlick should voice his own opinions.

This post is a link to an Education Resource Strategies report titled Strategic Designs: Lessons from Leading Edge Small Urban High Schools. Basically, the authors pick a set of nine 'top' schools (charter, district and pilot) and draw a series of lessons from them. What are the lessons? Consistency ("organize resources - people, time, and money - to advance a clearly defined instructional model"), focus (" investing in teaching quality, using student time strategically, and creating individual attention") and priorities ("prioritize core academics and professional community over program diversity").

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