New Research Lifts Lid On Highly Misleading USPTO Re-Examination Stats

Joff Wild, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, Jun 24, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I received a link to this post over a month ago and then promptly forgot about it. While catching up on some reading today I realized that this info is potentially very important regarding the Desire2Learn v. Blackboard debacle currently in progress. "Despite a mandate for "special dispatch", the time required to complete an inter partes re-examination is much longer than commonly believed." There are some pretty sad stats related to Inter Parties reexams at the USPTO, such as "Without appeal, the average pendency period for inter partes re-exam is 43.5 months, much longer than the 28.5 months reported by the USPTO" and "Although no inter partes re-exam has ever been completed after being appealed, the average pendency for appealed inter partes reexams is 78.4 months." Wow, doesn't that just fill you with optimism about the future of the D2L-BB battle? -BD
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