The Great American Timesuck

Clive Thompson, Wired, Issue 16.07, July 2008, Jun 23, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I was astonished at this statement: "Studies show that there are 77 billion corporate email messages sent every day, worldwide." By 2012, that number is expected to double, and already those of us in the corporate world spend about 20% of our working time on e-mail, on average. Personally, I like getting email, as I work from my home in the country. It's a form of social contact. But when my Outlook program was set to retrieving messages every minute or so, I found it very interuptive. I'm experimenting with different settings, and will report on the results later. (Right now it is set for every two hours). Help is on the way in the form of various e-mail management programs. Xobni and ClearContext, which identify your most valued contacts, and which give you interesting information on your e-mail habits. -GW
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