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This criticism of edupunk shows exactly why edupunk (the meme) has been valuable: "These people conflate their teaching work with political activism. They truly are impetuous, irresponsible, and incapable of seeing their own 'will to power'. Are they so afraid of the truth that they have to instill beliefs like all good ideologues. They fear that the youth will not imbibe their own authoritarian mores (believe what we believe, but do not question leftist orthodoxy) so they have to push them on the kids." Kids are taught history, kids are taught culture, in some countries, kids are taught to hold their hands over their hearts and recite a pledge of allegiance - and the politicization of the educational system, which includes everything from rote-based standardized testing to the small schools movement to charter schools, vouchers and religious education, is evident for all to see. If edupunk is nothing more than the collective realization of people in the educational system that they are being used as political agents, then it is important.

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