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There has been a lot of web reaction to the forced closure of Al Upton's 'Minilegends' website, a classroom blog that has been in operation for a number of years. I have saved cache versions of the original page, another page, and the closure order on the site. Sue Waters links to the closure order and John Connell cites it. He also says it's about control, not education. Vicki Davis calls it 'Black Monday' and examines not only the Upton closure but also that of Intrepid Teacher Jabiz Raisdana. So does Warrick, who says, "It's corporate think." So does Derek Wenmoth. Miguel Guhlin thanks the Australians for "dumbing down" education to American levels. Doug Dickenson reminds readers of the rights of the child. Derek Wenmoth thanks Miguel Guhlin. Graham Hugs creates an icon in support of Upton. tech4teach posts the code you use to put the icon on your blog. Sue Waters looks at the issues of parental consent and the use of student images. Jacinta Gasgione says the shutdown is "wrong" and calls for people to stand up for him. And Alan Levine wonders whether all of these calls for support are enough.

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