The Community Network Solution

Karen Stephenson, Strategy+Business, Feb 29, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I didn't write this article at all, much less about yesterday' meeting. Indeed, I only read it today, the day after the meeting. But I might have. My diagram parallels this article - the old 'organizatioon' model at the top, the connection of power-brokers, vision statements, press releases, and a small (and usually ineffective) output. Contrasted to community networking, below, an open model made up of diverse types of organizations, individuals, institution, whatever, each pursuing their own good in their own way, networked by virtue of their self-declared focus on topics of interest. I will have more to say about this - though, that said, this article says most of what I might want to say. "Until we build better networks in our communities, lack of trust will corrode the democratic process. Conventional leaders can't move us out of this situation."
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