A Personal View On the Blackboard-D2L Patent Case Resolution

Lanny Arvan, Lanny on Learning Technology, Feb 26, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Lanny Arvan expresses his anger at the Blackboard patent case, not from the perspective of technology or prior art or any of that stuff, but collegiality. "The Patent case following the merger and the earlier acquisition and then mothballing of Prometheus makes it pretty clear that Blackboard is pursuing a monopoly strategy and that is more important to them than collegiality with their customers. Having once felt that we mattered to the vendor, it is distasteful to feel otherwise." Worth a read because this typifies what formerly loyal customers are now thinking. Curtis J. Bonk, meanwhile, revives his 'Blackboard the Pirate' ditty. Desire2Learn shares the actual jury instructions (I wonder whether they can crowd-source some grounds for appeal). And Riina Vuorikari gets the European impact spot-on: this is exactly why they don't want software patents.
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