Being Objective

Jay Cross, Internet Time, Sept 10, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jay Cross takes some time to summarize (in random, chaotic fashion (it's OK, he has an excuse)) the learning object forum recently held at Menlo Park. The first part of the discussion is the usual wrangle over a definition of learning objects (and once again, someone tries to build (a particular) pedagogy into the definition). But a furor erupts when NETg's Brendon Towle declared that the reuse of learning objects is a fairy tale. You don't expect a great movie to be made up of recycled bits and pieces; the great ones are made from scratch. We want engagement. Why expect reuse?" It's an interesting analogy, and one that gives me pause. Of course, at a certain level it's false: the cameras, the actors, the gaffers, the wiring and the furniture used on the movie set will all be reused or rehired (as the case may be). There is a lot of reuse in the movie industry. And of course, the movie itself is shown over and over and over again - it's not like a command performance of Shakespeare in front of the Queen. Still...
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