Free Learning and Control Learning

Stephen Downes, Nov 13, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So I delivered my opening keynote address at SURF Education Days today. It was not the usual Web 2.0 rant people were expecting - instead, I focused on the Kirschner Sweller Clark paper I mentioned yesterday (thank you for the posts and emails - they were extremely helpful) and delivered what amounted to a thorough criticism. This paper, though it has been around for about a year, was relatively new to me. I was rather surprised when I read some summaries a couple of weeks ago, and quite concerned when I read the paper itself, just recently, especially given that it was published in a first-rate journal. The responses, in my mind, missed the heart of the critique, and allowed the authors to walk away relatively unscathed. Not after today. There ought to be a certain standard in our field, especially in that part of it that represents itself as the academic and professional part. Slides are also here. There's audio and video, which will be posted later.
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