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The CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) is a model format to manage Research Information designed for the European Current Research Information System. There's some good thinking here - but once again, I have to ask, why build this entirely from scratch, with no real recognition that anything else exists? For example, one of the core entities is 'Person'. Well good - we could use OpenID, FOAF, and the like. But no. It's all set up like a database, so you're working with a person ID (not a URI) and you're up and away (here's the ER diagram that shows what you're in for). I also wonder why the other core CERIF entities are OrganisationUnit, ResultPublication (which sometimes shows up in the diagrams as ResultPatent) and Project. I ask this because I'm wondering whether you want to create a set of (institution-based) core elements. Anyhow, there's a lot more to this whole project, and it's great reading if you like this sort of stuff.

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