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What's interesting about this post is not the group - it is Yet Another Social Network For Edubloggers (sheesh, are we done yet?) - but rather the syndication of events using RSS. Take a look at this example (you may have to 'view source' in order to see the RSS script). Notice the way xCal is embedded in the RSS statement. Now it's not exactly how I would do it - but it's good enough. It's calendar data in RSS. It's not iCal (I looked for an Cal feed but didn't find it) but it's pretty easily translated into iCal. But - and here's the kicker - wy should you have to submit your event into Yahoo, where it's only useful to Yahoo? What we want - and will get, mark my words - is a way to designate any blog post as an event announcement. This allows an application that harvests RSS feeds - like, say, Edu_RSS - to create a calendar of events. Not only that, this allows people to cover an event by linking to it (and not using some arbitrary tag).

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