The Vigel / The Sea

Jane Siberry, Website, Oct 09, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Claude Ostyn and Phil Dodds (center).

I didn't know either Claude Ostyn or Phil Dodds, both of whom were pioneers in the e-learning standards movement and both of whom have recently passed away. So what do I say?

I started my day today listening to Jane Siberry:

sail ho heave ho come on let go your time on earth is over
i watch you sleeping on the bed i'm talking to your soul

did you ever think it'd be like this?
did you ever think you'd walk away?
you and me running through the backstreets of the world
like a pack of hounds of two
wanting more and more love and how much is too much?
did you ever think we'd love so hard?
fighting hard and hurting worse're sailing away...

it's alright
put your arms around my neck
hold me tight as we drift out now
while i have the stength of ten men
hold me close as we drift out into the darkness
pigeons rushing up past our heads
people in doorways
i think this is europe somewhere
you're so thin you're so light
don't let go hold me
...are these yours? or mine?

When my time comes, I hope to have lived well, fought well and loved well.

Mourning Claude Ostyn. Also, Chuck Allen on Ostyn. On the passing of Phil Dodds. More from Mark Oehlert. Phil Dodds SCORM primer.
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