Open Education - Week 4: Overall Reflections On Weeks 2, 3 and 4

Jennifer Maddrell, Designed to Inspire, Sept 24, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good post discussing the concept of instruction with respect to open educational resources. The idea (following Gagne) is that "Information which does not include presentation, practice, and learner guidance is information but not instruction." Maddrell looks at the three:
# Presentation - when the thoughts and ideas presented from over 300 edubloggers wind up in my feed reader,
# Practice - when I reflect on the thoughts and ideas of others within my own blog (dare I say, my PLE), and
# Feedback - when I read, receive and participate in the back and forth comments and counter-posts among bloggers help guide my understanding.
The thing is, this still propagates the old notion that the 'instruction' is in the resource. That 'instruction' amounts to some kind of content. It is this that I challenge. A rock is instructional if used in the right way.
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