The Chronicle Spots the Dark Side of Second Life Usage

Bryan Alexander, Infocult: Information, Culture, Policy, education, Sept 14, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Bryan Alexander picks up on some more 'fear and trembling' coverage from the Chronicle, this time describing Second Life. "You see someone really playing out the self that they want to explore," she says. "It's not always who they want to be. Sometimes they can be exploring a dark side of themselves." Meanwhile, I've been following the discussion on the Second Life for Educators mailing list on a longer - and very negative - report by Michael J. Bugega in the Chronicle's hidden pages on Second Life. Chris Collins writes, "I'd characterize it as a scare article, and not very well informed." Raven Phoenix writes, " The short bit I was able to read is definitely geared to scare readers about Second Life. *sigh*" She adds, "I am having enough of a problem getting the word out to faculty where I am, already, without little-informed or misinformed media chiming in." I tell you - if the Chronicle writers opened up their pages for general public criticism, they probably couldn't take the heat.
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