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Vicki A. Davis says that students are demonstrating poor critical thinking skills when researching on the web and ought to be taught digital literacy. And digital citizenship. The latter is a whole different issue that i do not want to address here - suffice to say that what constitutes 'citizenship' is very different in different countries. As for the former, well, quite a discussion ensued from the original post. My own view is that you can't teach people what is right and wrong, what is true and false, you have to help students be able to figure that out for themselves. Creating a dependency is not the way to address deficiencies. Davis writes, in a comment, "I am advocating basic literacy of determining the credibility of a source and using multiple sources." Fine, good. But teaching them gives them exactly the opposite message. I know I need to draw this out more - I have not been expressing it well enough to avoid being misinterpreted.

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