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The best part of this article is on the third page (though the lambasting of traditional media through the first two pages is fun to read). The part that traditional media (and traditional content companies) didn't get is this: "once those people got online, they almost immediately started behaving in unpredictable ways. They didn't wait for a media corporation to tell them what to do; they began writing pages and posting comments and building sites and contributing reviews and arguing and inventing identities." My thinking is that if learners ever got the chance, they too would behave in unpredictable ways. "Most of what's on the Web is there because someone is interested in it." Same too for learning? I know most people disagree with me on this, but I think I'm going to look like such a genius in five years as learner defined learning online takes off (of course, by then it will have been 'discovered' by some academic who wrote it up in a journal article).

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