Thoughts On the Social Graph

Brand Fitzpatrick, Dan Recordon, Website, Aug 20, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Brad Fitzgerald, the founder of LiveJournal and the developer of OpenID, offers this commentary on open social networking. Some new terminology: the term 'social graph' refers essentially to the 'social network', in other words, the set of linkages between people. And the term 'edge' is used here to mean the same as we might mean when we talk about a 'link' from one person to another. The idea is to "ultimately make the social graph a community asset, utilizing the data from all the different sites, but not depending on any company or organization as "the" central graph owner." There's a Google group for discussions. Scott Karp comments, "the bigger problem is the inability of the 'social graph' on the web to capture the infinite variability of human relationships." See also this post in Mashable.
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