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According to this essay, "students are best prepared for the beginning of the 21st century when they know how they learn, when they convert information into knowledge, and when they document and reflect on their life-wide learning." The first is accomplished by participation in communities of practice, the second by information literacy, and the third by reflective practices such as e-portfolios. This essay fronts the new issue of International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, which is freely and openly available online.

One other article that caught my interest in this issue was Portfolio Assignments in Teacher Education: A Tool for Self-regulating the Learning Process? by Jetske Strijbos, Wil Meeus and Arno Libotton. They argue, via a study, that "Students have difficulty evaluating and re-orientating their learning process... [and] do not set and/or implement new objectives themselves." Hm. Contrast that to this: "When they suddenly had access to the course assessment plan, and could now chart their own progress through their own assessment summary sheets, the impact on their interest and enthusiasm was palpable."

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