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I've been at this privacy and security conference thinking more and more that it's not about privacy, it's about control. Jay Cross writes about a bank that spams him because it insists it has the legal right to do so. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about a telephone company that refused to cancel my cellphone account - and kept charging my credit card - despite my repeated pleas. Larry Korba (see above) today depicted hackers as evil. That's far from the case. That's a huge problem for the security and trust industry - that are actually enabling the bad guys to get away with their crimes. A team reviewed all the Enron emails - I couldn't help thinking, they will make sure that next time the next Enron isn't caught. A paper this morning talked about a network of people reporting the locations of traffic control cameras - the 'hackers' and 'spammers' are people trying to enforce traffic laws! Eventually - was the consensus in the room - this will simply be illegal. But if it's illegal for me to use trusted networks to serve my own purposes - why is it OK for you? Or for Microsoft? Or for Homeland Security? We need some common ground here - but until there is some sort of respect for civil society by government and business, we're not going to get it.

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