OERs in Sustainable Perspective

Stephen Downes, Jun 04, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The Slideshare version of the talk I gave yesterday at the SCOP 2007 conference here in Heerlen. There is audio - well, 24 minutes of audio, which is now the battery life of my iRiver (sigh - another MP3 player bites the dust - and they expect me to pay for all those songs again? get real) - which will be posted later this week. Due to a scheduling glitch I only had an hour to prepare for the talk, so I don't have all the nice pictures I would normally have. This is my second time in Heerlen - I'm staying at the same hotel, even sitting in the same chair. It's hard not to have a sense of deja vu, and I have fond memories of the last time I was here. But that feels like a lifetime ago, too, part of a different world, a different version of myself.

I fly back home tomorrow - so no guarantees on a newsletter. Home for two or three days, then it's off to Taiwan.
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