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Stephen Downes, Apr 06, 2007

Thanks everyone for all the kind emails that came my way today. I wanted to respond with a present with my own but instead spent the day elbow deep in Google's dysfunctional Blogger API. Changes to both Blogger and Google's APIs have rendered most Perl code using them obsolete, and I was trying to build my autoblog feature before I left for Boston. Alas, no. But I want to let you see this anyhow, because it's the beginning of the next iteration of what I think the PLE will look like (well, without the "Stephen's Web" branding, of course). Just be kind, because it's very much a work in progress. As soon as I turn the feature on, the viewer will recognize logged-in users and will show only recent Edu-RSS posts. It will also let you rate them. The viewer format allows people to skip through the posts very quickly. The links to blogs and topics also display in the viewer. I will be adding a lot to this basic platform in the future - results ordering by rating, interactivity with other applications, OpenID, and more. I'll be showing the system at the conference on Thursday.

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