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Jan 04, 2007

No, I have not disappeared and is not down for the count.


The CSoft server crashed within a couple hours of going live with and has now crashed three times in less than 24 hours (it is currently crashed). And I wasn't even harvesting or sending email!

I have removed all the scripts and replaced them with simply print commands saying that the script is not currently active. The server still crashed. There is no reason for this; I think that it simply is unable to handle the traffic.

It is as usual very difficult to get more than a terse two or three word reply from the CSoft administrators (I really don't understand their reluctance to communicate with me).

So right now, I am again waiting for a response from CSoft. I am also scouting around for a new web host - I am beginning to think that I need a colocation service, that is, a dedicated web server.

Any advice would be welcome...


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