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Christopher D. Sessums begins the process of creating a School 2.0 manifesto, and while I applaud the initiative I caution that such a manifesto would need to be more than just a rehash of Cluetrain. And also, it needs to make sense. "Schools are people," he writes. Well, no, schools are not people. And it's going to have to take into account the balance between the inner world and the outer world. When you say "Learning is a social activity... It is built upon conversations" you are discounting the learning that happens in one's own mind - indeed, are misunderstanding the nature of learning itself, which is the development of new neural structures. Maybe he means to say, "The best learning is social..." but now we are in rather tenuous territory. So why does all this stuff work for Cluetrain and not for learning? Well there's the thing - learning is not about commerce and it's not about markets.

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