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Summary of a webinar held yesterday surveying outlooks for educational publishing. Interesting to note Leslie Wilson's observation that "There is a three year learning curve in instituting one to one computing into schools" and "Students feel more effective, they enjoy schoolwork more... [they] are doing more collaborative activities, more problem solving, they debate and question more, they integrate subjects areas better, and they discuss schoolwork with other students more. Test scores are significantly higher." So? As Gail Pierson says, "The Riverdeep/Houghton-Mifflin vision is that adoptions and larger contracts are requiring the winner to provide a solution that integrates both core curriculum and supplemental content, while also providing pacing calendars, curriculum and lesson planners (with content accessible from the planner), differentiated instruction, single sign-on, flexible print/online content with capabilities to change the lesson sequence and to fragment content, and content accessible from the district portal. One could say that they are betting the company on that vision."

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