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Microsoft Vista comes out tomorrow but I would certainly not recommend that you run out and buy it. And not simply because of the very dodgy licensing, as outlined by Michael Geist (including "extensive provisions granting Microsoft the right to regularly check the legitimacy of the software and holds the prospect of deleting certain programs without the user's knowledge"). No, because you can't even know it will run on your computer. "Cherry recommends against modifications and says consumers should instead purchase a new machine." And that's the thing, isn't it. You just can't buy a new computer without buying Vista. All that talk, all those court cases, and you still can't buy a computer without buying Vista. And our anti-trust laws? Waste paper. (p.s. yes, you could buy a Mac, if you have a lot of extra money - and I guess a lot of people will, in exchange for a computer they actually get to own (though Mac's record on this isn't exactly worth crowing about, as all those people with locked-in iPod music are learning, the hard way)).

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