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Scott Leslie (who has just switched from Movable Type to WordPress and so now has comments working) defends the NMC Horizon Report predictions listed here yesterday, calling them "that actually seem to bear some resemblance to conceivable futures, not 'wished for' futures..." Well, maybe, but as I said yesterday, the NMC list isn't a list of 'futures', conceivable or otherwise, it's a list of vague fads or trends everyone felt safe predicting, without regard to whether it had already happened or whether it was just some corporate hype. For the record, I do prefer Leslie's list: automatic translation, intelligent tutoring, and distributed identity. If you want more ideas, you could look at the KnowledgeWorks Foundation's Education map of the decade. Also see Donna Desroches's nice overview of the blog conversations around related themes; be sure to read the comments too.

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