The Podcast: Asking Questions About the K12Online Conference

Bud Hunt, Bud the Teacher, Oct 20, 2006
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I had an interesting listen this morning to this conversation between Bud Hunt and Ed Tech Talk's Dave Cormier. Recorded before my comments posted on Half an Hour yesterday, but after my initial reaction in this blog, the discussion explores whether the conference process distorts the blogging ethos. Of significant note to me, and something that should give people pause, is the association of the conference with a grad credit program offered by Plymouth State and Shanghai American school. Is it any surprise that Jeff Utrecht, who is one of the Techlearning bloggers I mentioned, is managing the course? I wonder whether the people who were talking about this being a "volunteer" effort offered for "free" would care to comment on the money changing hands here.

P.S. to Dian P, who writes, "Where else am I going to hear so many different expert/learners or adventurers along this new road?" Answer: their blogs. Here's a list. Don't like my list? Make your own.
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