Recognizing the Champions

Gene Smarte, E-Learning Magazine, Apr 09, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As much as it pleases me to see Rory McGreal make the list, it seems to me that the focus on e-learning "champions" misses the point. While in mass and popular media there is an endless need to trumpet the top ten this or that, the internet is and always has been, as I believe Douglas Rushkoff put it, created by the chorus, a mass of people working together with no clear leader, no clear 'champion" to trumpet. Put it this way: who built the world wide web? Not Tim Berners-Lee, though he developed the underlying protocol. No, it was the millions of individuals who installed web servers, authored web pages, and in so doing became part of the chorus. Similarly, then: who pioneered e-learning? The champions listed in this article, but for each one I can list another ten equally qualified to join this list.
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