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Alec Couros, Couros Blog, Jun 19, 2006

Some new blogs: Technology Integration in the Classroom, by George Couros, and The Teaching Life, by Cyril Kestin. Also mailed into me this week was iSean, by Sean Lancaster. And new to me recently was pault@LTG, by Paul Trafford, who wrote an overview of the recent PLE experts' meeting. Also new to me is Mike Malloch's elearning 2.0 blog, highlighted today by Jay Cross. Cross notes, as I would like to as well, Malloch's grasp of the essentials of web 2.0: "The good systems-effects only emerge when usage becomes rich and plentiful - and that depends on an ecology in which the individual parts are simple, focused and easy to get along with, and in which the interoperability architecture makes very lightweight demands on its citizens." Oh, and it doesn't matter to me even a bit that Malloch uses the term 'elearning 2.0', even if I invented it; my credibility, good name and fortune is not bound in the words I 'own', but in the things I do and the value I provide.

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