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I know I said there would be no newsletter today. And with a full-day set of flights from Vienna to Moncton, that would normally be the case. But today's newsletter began life somewhere over the mid-Atlantic, and Lufthansa's onboard wireless (as well as a 4.5 hour battery life on my laptop) allowed me to linger over this issue as the clouds drifted by. The service has been quite acceptable, if a little expensive. And now I'm somewhere over Quebec and ready to send this puppy out just before we land. After all - I could not resist the opportunity to send my first airliner-based newsletter.

And we begin today with an interesting item noted by Nancy White: "In Nature's peer review trial, lasting for three months, authors can choose to have their submissions posted on a preprint server for open comments, in parallel with the conventional peer review process. Anyone in the field may then post comments, provided they are prepared to identify themselves. Once the usual confidential peer review process is complete, the public 'open peer review' process will be closed." Any small-scale pilot of a network effect will mislead, of course, but the fact that they are looking at all interests me greatly.

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