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A couple items from Tom Hoffman on the U.S. legislation, called DOPA, to restrict access to social networking sites. In the first item, Hoffman (correctly) identifies it as "fear mongering" and agrees that it probably won't go very far. Still, he also says he has "always been surprised that people felt that having students use Blogger or Flickr would really be viable on a large scale" because "These concerns about privacy, stalking, etc. have been around as long as the web has been in schools." Yes, there are concerns, but are they based in anything like reality? In the other item he says, and I agree, that "when it comes to dubious web filtering laws like DOPA, I think you should start with 'there is no evidence that this is a problem beyond a few anecdotal reports.' Show me some real statistical evidence that students are being harmed in significant numbers because of strangers contacting them through the web while in school."

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