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Stephen Downes, Jan 17, 2006
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So anyhow, I heard this odd whining noise in my computer bag just before leaving for Edmonton... yup, it was another Dell computer giving up the ghost (it wasn't even turned on!)... so anyhow, I'm in Alberta now, writing from a hotel cafeteria on a backup computer with no ethernet (wireless works fine though, go figure). It's going to be a tough week for access, so don't be surprised if I miss a few issues of OLDaily this week.

What I'm linking to here is pretty unfinished, but I won't get back to it for at least a week (maybe longer, depending on Dell). But it is functional, and you can mess with it a bit to make it more so. Basically, RSS Writr (and before you complain, I'm really sorry about the name) is the first instance of my vision of the core of the personal learning environment. Select an aggregator (you can use Edu_RSS 0.2 or MyGlu as an aggregator) from the dropdown (if you don't like those links, edit the HTML and define your own MyGlu or some other aggregator), read the posts, drag and drop the links and text (and images, and whatever) into the authoring window, make something of your own out of them, then post to your Blogger account.

What you should picture, as you imagine how this would be used, is both teachers and students using it in the same way... the teacher aggregates learning resources from services such as DLORN or their colleagues, and mashes up lessons for the day or whatever, while the students aggregate from their teacher(s), their friends, Google, wikipedia, or whatever (you can put whatever you want into the dropdown) or whatever, and then they use this content to create somehting cool of their own (which, of course, is aggregated by the teacher, other students, people around the world, whatever, and the cycle begins anew).

Anyhow, sorry it's not done, but I just don't have the computer or the access or the time to do more at the moment, and I really wanted to somehow put in concrete form and to communicate the vision of learning that I have. Thanks, everybody, for your understanding and patience.
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