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Scott Wilson points to this document, somewhat akin to a manifesto ('tis the season) calling for a greater emphasis on personal learning. "The logic of education systems should be reversed so that the system conforms to the learner, rather than the learner to the system. This is the essence of personalisation. It demands a system capable of offering bespoke support for each individual in order to foster engaged and independent learners able to reach their full potential." Good stuff, and I support most of it, though I note (and this is a small criticism) that the authors can't quite let go of the reins, as evidenced by their suggestion that students take merely "joint responsibility" for learning choices and able only to "co-design" their own curriculum. When two people - one with power, and one without - are sharing "joint responsibility" and "co-design," the person without power is inevitably overruled by the person with power. Status quo.

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