IMS LD Reusable Elements for Adaptive Learning Designs

Adriana J. Berlanga, Francisco J. García, JIME, Sept 26, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting approach to learning design with is perhaps a little more subversive than is apparent at first glance. Seeking to develop an adaptive learning system, the authors "move from 'manifest-centred' schema, which forces static adaptivity, to a 'server-centred' approach. This can be done by removing the adaptive logic from the manifest and using a LD player as a client (or agent) that communicates to the server what the learner has done. The server, then, will send back to the client the ID of the most appropriate next activity to follow." What this amounts to is a change in the flow of information, from 'system to student' to 'student to system', a change I warmly endorse.
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