New Atlantis Grapples with Gaming and Flops

Bryan Alexander, Infocult: Information, Culture, Policy, education, Aug 31, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This article deconstructs (and slices and dices and serves for dinner) a narrow view of online gaming offered by The New Atlantis's Christine Rosen. Calling the article "ostentatiously, yet uselessly learned," Bryan Alexander asks why the author quotes a 1920s Samuel McChord Crothers essay while at the same time passing over Wittgenstein and other classic texts in gaming, misreading James Paul Gee, and serving scant mention of social gaming and massive online role-playing games (MORPGs). And he ets to the crux of the matter: "There's an old, old conservative fear of cultural behavior changing without appropriate controls (for 'appropriate', read 'the speaker', or 'people the speaker likes')." Via Abject learning.
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