A New Home

Stephen Downes, Aug 30, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, we'll keep things a bit short today. The expected technical problems did in fact occur but here it is, the new look of OLDaily. Right now, things are pretty basic. The biggest change, aside from the nifty theme, is a greater emphasis on the authors of the posts I cite. Links now redirect through a hit counter (I track traffic only, and not individual users) which will help me rate links (a bypass will be made available in a few days, for those who don't want to be counted. The comment link not only allows you to comment but will also be the gateway to the post's permanent location and to a range of features related to each post - but it's pretty basic for now. And while you can comment today without logging in, this will be changed shortly; a login will be required to post comments (but never to merely read). Anyhow, though there's not a lot to look at now - think of it as a brand new house with the paint still fresh on the walls and the workers scurrying out the back door. Over the next weeks, I'll be moving in the furniture, and then we'll really see this thing fly. Anyhow, for now, please send me your comments, and if you are having problems, don't hesitate to write.
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