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Some of my interviews.

  • Interview With Jeff Young
    Oct 29, 2021. EdSurge Podcast, EdSurge, (Interview). In this edition of the EdSurge Podcast Jeffrey R. Young interviews me at some length about the present and future of MOOCs. This audio has my side of the audio (so you'll have to imagine what the questions are). I haven't been able to find the finished interview on the EdSurge podcast (the current link is just a placeholder) but I'm pretty sure I didn't just imagine it. Update. The interview has been posted as a podcast, along with contributions from George Siemens; here's my post wehere I discuss the final poduct.

  • Conversation with Ross Dawson
    Aug 31, 2020. The Virtual Excellence Show, Ross Dawson, Online, via Zoom (Interview). Virtual education expert Stephen Downes, who helped create the world's first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), shares insights into the state and future of virtual learning for schools, universities, and everyone.

  • What Comes After Phase 3?
    Jun 16, 2020. , (Interview). This is a conversation with some people from the health care industry in the U.S. asking about what I expect to see after the current wave of technology. The current wave, which I discussed in my E-Learning 3.0 course, involves things like consensus, cloud and blockchain. What's the longer term future (looking out 15 or 20 years)? Embodied computing. In talk about what that means and imagine some of the consequences for education. Audio only.

  • Bruno de Pierro Interview
    May 17, 2020. , (Interview). I received a request for responses to some questions in my email. The questions were quite involved and it would take me quite a while to type answers. But also, in relation to a work-related question, I had been looking at AI-based transcription. And also, my new Audio-Technica microphone arrived today. So as an experiment, I used to transcribe by answer. I was speaking off the top of my head, without notes. Below is the unedited transcript, preserved exactly as converted by the AI, for science. And here is the link to the original audio, also unedited. View the text here.

  • Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
    Nov 26, 2019. , Online, via Skype (Interview). Interview with Mark Nichols for the Leaders & Legends of Online Learning podcast.

  • Gettin Air
    Sept 13, 2019. , Online, via Zencaster (Interview). Interview for the Gettin' Air podcast with Terry Greene.

  • The Future of Well-Being in a Tech-Saturated World
    Apr 11, 2019. Transformative Technology Podcast, Online, via Zoom (Interview). When the Pew Research Center asks American internet users for their bottom-line judgment about the role of digital technology in their own lives, the vast majority feel it is a good thing. Yet, over the past 18 months a drumbeat of concerns about the personal and societal impacts of technology has been growing.

  • Connectivism is key to networked learning
    Jan 09, 2017. University Business, (Interview). Interview with Tim Goral, University Business, Winter 2017 UB Special Report, pp. 5-8.

  • The Future Trends Forum at the Campus Technology conference, 2016
    Dec 09, 2016. Bryan Alexander, Future Trends Forum, Boston, Massachusetts (Interview).

  • Federica Interview, MOOC identity
    Sept 05, 2016. , Anacapri, Italy (Interview). Short video interview on the nature of MOOCs, how the concept of MOOC has changed over the years, and what I thin k of as the MOOC identity. By Federica.

  • 'As pessoas não farão cursos pelo celular, isso é loucura', diz pesquisador
    Feb 08, 2016. Folha de S.Paulo, Sao Paulo (Interview). 'As pessoas não farão cursos pelo celular, isso é loucura', diz pesquisador ('People will not take courses on their cell phones, this is crazy', says researcher). Interview with RICARDO BUNDUKY, 02/08/2016 16h08, Folha de S.Paulo. View this article for translation.

  • Entrevista a Stephen Downes with Roxana Szteinberg
    Dec 09, 2015. , Vimeo (Interview).

  • Tiching Interview
    Feb 08, 2015. , Tiching Magazine, (Interview). Discussion of learning 2.0 with Tiching magazine. I also talk at some length about the critical literacies. Here's the article: Los docentes deben retar a los estudiantes.

  • Stephen Ibaraki interview
    Jan 15, 2015. , (Interview). Discussion of personal learning, workplace support, and the learning and personal support systems program.

  • MOOCs Interview
    Apr 14, 2014. , (Interview). Interview in which I talk a lot about what I see in the future for MOOCs - serialized MOOCs, social community, etc. I also discuss personal learning environments and describe how they fit in to MOOCs. Also critical literacies.

  • Sustaining Universities in the Age of MOOCs
    Aug 03, 2013. , (Interview). Looking at the potential of MOOCs and other new technologies to disrupt the traditional university model. Interview by Jacques du Plessis. Sorry about the music track in the background.

  • Jenni Hayman Interview
    Jul 18, 2013. , (Interview). Fifty Days Fifty Stories podcast. Discussion of what I've been up to recently. Also some discussion of my efforts to learn French, describing how I developed and delivered a talk in French.

  • Interview with Nicole Christian
    Jul 15, 2013. Nicole Christian, Skype (Interview). Wide-ranging interview on disruptive change, the major new technologies in education today, and where internet technologies are placed historically. Audio only.

  • Elspeth McCullogh Interview
    Oct 24, 2012. Adobe Connect, online (Interview). Interview on mobile learning and the directions mobile and online learning will take in the future. In this interview I define mobile learning, talk about opportunities and challenges in the field, and address the major issues related to competences, assessment and the design of learning.

  • #FUSION12 - Discussion about MOOCs with Stephen Downes
    Jul 20, 2012. D2L Fusion, Desire2Learn, San Diego via Hangout (Interview).

  • Converge Interview
    Jul 17, 2012. , (Interview). Tanya Roscoria for Converge Magazine. This is a discussion of our latest MOOC including some details about how the connectivist courses differ from other types of MOOCs. Also, we discuss just what is being 'opened' by open online courses. Sorry about the music in the background.

  • Interview with Alexandra Hache on Open Educational Resources (OER)
    Jun 13, 2012. Alexandra Hache, telephone interview (Interview). Interview with Alexandra Hache contributing to a Study for the European Commission regarding sustainable and business models for Open Educational Resources (OER). Sorry about the microphone gain, which is a little bit too high.

  • A Conversation With Stephen Downes
    Feb 23, 2012. , (Interview). Julie Suarez Interview in which I discuss the nature and application of the theory of connectivism. I talk about how networks form and are used by people (and entities) to create learning.

  • MFP Interview
    Jan 10, 2012. , News 91.9, Moncton (Interview). Interview with News Radio's Tyler McLean on the founding of the Moncton Free Press.

  • Stephen Downes - Ana Cristina Pratas - Interview
    Dec 06, 2011. , (Interview). Originally ploaded by AnaCristinaPratas to Vimeo on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 11:22 PM EST. . Topics: #Connectivism, #Change, #Education, #Open Access, #Stephen Downes

  • Interview with Rob McBride
    Dec 02, 2011. , Learn IT to Teach Podcast, Moncton (Interview). Podcast interview focusing on communications and blogging in online learning.

  • Interview on Blogging
    Nov 20, 2011. , (Interview). Interview about blogging. I talk a bit about my early days on the internet, and there's a history of my first articles on the web. I also talk about how to promote blogs so they will be found by other people. I also talk about how people use the internet, why they don't go to web pages, ranking blogs, etc. ("Would you rank the rivets on an airplane?")

  • Ed Tech Crew
    Sept 17, 2011. , Ed Tech Crew, (Interview). Online and network learning. MOOCs, personal learning, OLDaily, network learning, and more. Darrell Branson and Tony Richards.

  • Campus Technology Interview
    Sept 17, 2010. , (Interview). Looking at trends such as federated authentication and integrated modules. As time goes by the LMSs are becoming less stand-alone and more integrated with a wider ecosystem of services and applications. Interviewer's voice is very very faint. Transcript here.

  • Chip Ramsay Interview
    Jun 18, 2010. , (Interview). Interview for the Intellium blog. What I do with the NRC, and what the NRC does. I also talk at some length about my presentation audio and video recordings. You can also see the interview on Intellium's Player FM channel.

  • Futurism
    Mar 16, 2010. , (Interview). Interview with Dave Cormier, who was doing something for George Siemens. Some talk about the old times when the web first started. The idea of using technology for purposes other than those for which it was designed. I look at the technology and I ask, from the perspective of learning, what are people going to want to do.

  • Graham Attwell Interview
    Jan 05, 2010. , (Interview). Recorded in two parts - Part One, Part Two. Where have wee been, and where are we going? I respond that we've pretty well begin to emulate the classroom online, but now we need to ask how we can move beyond that. The date is a guess; it's probably earlier.

  • A Conversation on Learning
    Mar 31, 2009. ACER Informal, Australian Council for Educational Research, Sydney, Australia (Interview). Informal conversation covering the range of learning 2.0 with guests John Oxley and Greg Kretschmann. Recorded at the ACER offices, Sydney, Australia, March 31, 2009.  

  • Stephen Downes talks about OLDaily and online learning
    Jan 28, 2009. Xiphos, Xiphos, Online, Skype (Interview).

  • Roves Interview
    Oct 05, 2008. , (Interview). Interview conducted no long after the start of the CCK08 course, and we discuss the course quite a bit - how the course started, what we intended to do in the course, what new technology we were using in the course. Interview date is a guess, but it's definitely in the early fall of 2008.

  • It can be done!
    Sept 17, 2008. , Skype (Interview). This is an interview I recorded with Jochen Robes in preparation for the SCOPE online conference, held October 1. I talk about the CCK08 course and about connectivism in general. Interesting bit, I think, where I talk about my role in the course. Also some stuff near the end on my understanding of knowledge.

  • Ellyssa Kroski Interview
    Sept 14, 2008. , Skype (Interview). In this interview with Ellyssa Kroski from mid-September Interview I discuss our current CCK08 online course and open education generally. Kroski's course, with numerous resources and a number of interviews from other people, is available online.

  • Women of Web 2.0 Show # 27
    May 14, 2007. Women of Web 2.0, Online, Ed Tech Talk (Interview).

  • George Siemens Interview
    Jan 10, 2006. , University of Manitoba, Online (Interview). George Siemens and I in conversation some time in 2006 (the precise date is just a guess; perhaps George has better information). We're talking about the nature of knowledge and in particular connective knowledge. "Seeing the forest is kind of like seeing connective knowledge... something is a forest only as a result of our perceiving it (that way)."

  • Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Stephen Downes - Part 2
    Mar 02, 2005. Future of FLOSSE, online (Interview). This is the second part of my interview with Teemu Arina. The sound quality is so-so, but it was the first experience for both of us recording a Skype conversation. Arina summarizes, "Stephen talks about communities and what is actually a community and what kinds of communities people belong to. The internet allows people to pick very specific communities by topic out there. Communities are not anymore tied to a place but are more like networks, clusters and clouds." Interestingly, people looking for clarification of my Northern Voice talk, which was actually given after this interview was recorded, will find it here.

  • Future of FLOSSE: Interview with Stephen Downes - Part 1
    Feb 28, 2005. Future of FLOSSE, online (Interview). FLOSSE continues with its series of interviews, releasing part 1 of its interview with me today. As they did with Alan Levine, extrapolated from my remarks is a timeline of projected future events. Interesting. I think that the dates are a bit late - but then again, I always think things move too slowly, so maybe the dates are more accurate than I would pick. So here's the MP3 of Part One and we'll all wait with bated breath for Part Two.

  • Learning Objects, Metadata, Blogs And RSS: The Future Of Online Education According To Stephen Downes
    Dec 10, 2004. Robin Good, online (Interview). Robin Good and I had a nice chat on Friday; he had the audio recorder running and links to the interview (the audio is also available on my site in MP3 format. Just to be clear, because a couple of people have raised this: I did not say I would never link to Robin Good again (my goodness), I asserted merely that I would not link to posts sponsored by Marqui. Quite a difference!

  • Detail of the Longshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan

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