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The bulk of this executive order on Artificial Intelligence is devoted to implementation details. The main policy implications of U.S. President Joe Biden's directive is the set of eight principles outlined at the start of the document. These are (quoted/paraphrased):

  • AI must be safe and secure
  • Promoting responsible innovation, competition, and collaboration
  • A commitment to supporting workers
  • Advancing equity and civil rights
  • Consumer protections
  • Privacy and civil liberties must be protected
  • Manage risks from government use of AI
  • Lead global societal, economic, and technological progress

I think these principles are OK, so far as they go. But they seem to me to lack any sense of what we're supposed to do with AI (beyond 'progress'). Mostly the principles are about mitigating harm. Mitigating harm is good, but understanding where we want all this to lead us would be even better. See also: Politico, Digiday, Emory Craig, O'Reilly,

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