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This manifesto arrived in my email today direct from a16z. I'm sitting in a room surrounded by techniology, working with technology, immersed in technology. I feel empowered by it, it's the way I make my living, and I feel pretty certain I could be called a 'techno-optimist'. Not a 'tech-solutionist' - there are some things technology can't fix, and some thing technology even makes worse. But on balance, I feel pretty good about technology.

So I felt at first glance I could be supportive of this Andreesen-Horowitz manifesto, even if was overstated. But that was only until I hit the stuff on markets and capitalism. And here's where I part ways. Because while I do believe that decentralized governnance is the best governance, I don't believe this governance is best managed through the single-minded pursuit of wealth and money. And so I see this manifesto as embodying everything that has gone wrong with our society, and making it sound as though techno-optimism entails exploitative capitalism. It does not. This manifesto has nothing to do with technology.

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