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This article profiles five open source alternatives to chatGPT: LLaMA, Alpaca, Vicuna, Dolly, and OpenAssistant. "The recent push to bring open-source LLMs has done a lot to revive the promise of collaborative efforts and shared power that was the original promise of the internet," writes Ben Dickson. In related AI news: an AI-generated Drake x The Weeknd tune hits the charts (and gets taken down (but here it is)). Drake is not happy. Meanwhile, "the winner of a major photography award has refused his prize after revealing his work was in fact an AI creation." Via SAIL, here's a glossary of AI terms in education. Also, a guide to understanding LLMs (some good information here). And finally, Re-memory: scam or soulmate?

Some reports about AI in education: now there's more room for child led, open- ended 'CLOE' time at schools. "More personal, social, creative, and critical thinking skills really need to be learned through direct experience and trial and error." And for the complete opposite of this, Brainly is announcing "new AI functions allowing Learners to 'Simplify' or 'Expand' answers." Class Technologies is announcing "plans for a beta release of A.I. Teaching Assistant." Also, there are suggestions that "many Chinese have begun using ChatGPT to do their ideology homework." The 74 says schools must embrace chatGPT.

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