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WebNative, Apr 13, 2023

OK, I'm going to gush a little, because I love this. Imagine a website where you can store your data, but you're really just storing it on your own computer, but it's also available on any of your other computers, and you can make it public or private if you want. That's what does. ODD is, according to the software development kit (SDK), "Fission's true local-first, edge computing stack." Fission builds "identity, data, and compute protocols for the future of the Internet." For example, they build  UCANs "to enable distributed identity (DIDs) and authorization in local-first apps & distributed systems." Also, there's the Webnative SDK "to build fully distributed web applications without needing a complex back-end." Fission also works with partners "to enhance the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystem." Anyhow, here's the ODD demo - enjoy. See also: User Controlled Authorization Networks (UCANs), WebNative, Capacitor.

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