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As Ben Williamson says, "It's becoming clear that LLMs are going to get plugged in to EdTech at rapid pace this year." This THE article references "a new OpenAI-based instructional content generator for educators, called Nolej AI." It's similar to the MiniCourse platform I tried last week, and which now supports creating carousel courses on LinkedIn. Meanwhile the discussion on how (or even whether) to use AI continues to roil. A statement (8 page PDF) from the U.K. Department for Education (DfE) stresses that "personal and sensitive data must be protected and therefore must not be entered into generative AI tools" and that  schools must "continue to protect their students from harmful content online." Meanwhile, UNESCO urges countries to follow its Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Again, it's not like people haven't been working on this, as I've previously documented (publication). See also The Importance of Data Ethics in Research and Education.

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